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In which I toot my horn.

I'm not comfortable with awards eligibility posts. It could be imposter syndrome, it could be just a general unease, but this business is promotion, and we're our own best advocates. That and several people have asked me about it, so if you're in the nominating mood and want to put something I did forward, here's what I've done this year:

My novel DRAGON ROAD came out May of last year, and is eligible for Best Novel in the 2019 Hugo Awards, as well as the best novel category for the Nebula Awards. You have to be a member of Worldcon 2018 or 2019 to nominate, and a member of the 2019 to vote on the final ballot. You must be an active or associate member of SFWA to nominate for the Nebula ballot.

In addition to novels, Authors & Dragons, the biweekly podcast done by Drew Hayes, John Hartness, Steve Wetherell, Rick Gaultieri, Robert Bevan, and myself is eligible for the Hugo Award for Best Fancast.

I have weird feelings about awards. They're wonderful to win, of course, but works can be entirely worthy and go without notice, only to take off years later, and a creator can drive themselves insane trying to chase them. I try to just work and not think about it too much.

Still, if you want to put either of these works up, then by all means do so. No hard feelings if not, there's a ton of fantastic work out there this year. As always, the best thing you can do for me is to buy my books, listen to our podcast, and tell your friends.

Happy 2019, folks!



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