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"Cultural Marxism" is Nazi propaganda.

So, it turns out the term “cultural marxism,” the common phrase that basically asserts all of modern social liberalism is a communist front, is an update of the Nazi-Germany era slur “Kulturbolschewismus”, which means “Cultural Bolshevism.” It was a common term Hitler’s party used to smear their political opponents. In particular, Jews were accused of spreading “Jewish Bolshevism” and “sexual Bolshevism,” I.E the permissiveness of the role of women outside of “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (Children, Kitchen and Church). Also homosexuality.

So for what it’s worth, when someone throws down “cultural marxism” as a delegitimizing smear on modern progressivism, they’re literally spouting a glossy modernist update of Nazi propaganda.

I don’t know who introduced the term into common parlance, but spreading it is an act of real cleverness. It’s a buzzword that’s so vaguely definable as to allow the speaker to simultaneously dogwhistle paranoid red scare types AND the white supremacist crowd, all while having deniability and leaving many vectors of the contagion unaware of whose words they’re spreading. It’s as evil as evil gets, but it’s certainly an adept piece of agitprop.

Of course, once you actually strip away the deniability it gets harder to peddle it with a straight face or pretend that you didn’t know what it meant to begin with.

Cheers, you appalling motherfuckers.



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